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since June 1, 2002

Welcome to the Daily Inspiring Quotes  web site, where you will find inspirational and motivational quotations and poems, but also some other things (free greeting cards, ...).  We hope you will enjoy your visit.

Why this site ?
Quotes can express in a very clear way the things we think but don't know how to put in words.
Quotes can also express truths we never think about.  Whatever they mean for you as a reader, we hope that the quotes we send you on a daily base will move you, inspire you, amuse you, perhaps anger you but will anyway provoke thoughts within you.  
We do not promote any kind of religion religion or philosophy.  We are convinced that everybody has the right to his or her own opinion, view on life and beyond, etc.  So, if some quotes have a religious or philosophical background, it might be a reason to look at them even more closely.  Don't all religions basically have the same final goal ?  No matter how you want to name it: Heaven, Nirwana, Enlightenment, ... or just happiness?
The most important thing in life is spiritual development.  However, life has become so hectic that there is not much time left for it.
We hope that reflecting on
the quotes we send you will allow you to spend at least a few moments a day to meditate or just to forget for a few moments your material concerns.

Who are we ?
In fact, "we" are only one.  I started the newsletter exactly because some quotes have made me think about life and death, opportunities, love, happiness, ...  I just want to share them with you, and I hope they will have the same effect on you.
Your opinion counts !
If you have any suggestions or comments (positive or negative), please contact me.  It can only make this site better.